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Com Center operates in a small business atmosphere with professional and individualized services to attend each clients specific secretarial need.  Just some of the things we offer are nationwide professional data entry, mail list creation and editing... Test us out now with our


To introduce Com Center services, a month of free service is available.  Call us at 585-424-1100 or 800-862-7063 to start today.  To qualify for the free service tell us you learned about the offer from this web site.

All Com Center services are performed in the United States of America.

Our Mission . . .

To provide daily service on a recurring basis for our clients.  Com Center personnel can and should be considered members of your permanent staff.  Why waste the time and effort to continually train temporaries for work that does not have to be done on your premises

What We Do . . .

We can be your virtual office.

Many professionals and contractors cannot afford or justify an office staff.  Have Com Center become your staff.

Here is how it works:

You provide a telephone line or cell phone that will reside at Com Center.  Whenever your phone rings our live staff will answer with your professional name just as though we were in your office.

Appointments can be scheduled.  Or, calls can be recorded and forwarded to you for your response.

In the case of a new client/patient, initial contact information will be recorded such as name, address, phone number, insurance information, etc.

You always have complete control of what we do for you.  When you desire your calls answered at Com Center call forward your published telephone number to your Com Center phone.  Whenever your phone rings, we will answer.

Scheduled appointments will be documented on a computer calendar database.

Remember, most people do not like to deal with voice mail or an answering machine.  They will simply hang up and try someone else who might answer.

HIPAA regulations do not apply to Com Center services since we do not perform insurance, payment or related transactions (HIPAA transactions), and we do not collect medical histories from patients and/or clients.

In addition, when there are reports and letters that need to be presented in a printed form, simply fax or courier the handwritten information to Com Center.  Our staff will prepare the information and deliver it by the electronic or physical method you specify.  Delivery time is rapid.   Most companies cannot afford to have their skilled executives and technicians spend their time performing clerical duties on a computer keyboard.  Our work is transparent to addressees.  We create your documents in your very own format.

The traditional business at Com Center has been the information transportation business.  We are the moving company of the information industry, with the key characteristic being acceptance of the total responsibility for your work, from the time it is received into our system until final delivery to you or your client.  We also have responsibility for the development, maintenance and operation of whatever facilities are needed to do this job.

The service can be part of your disaster recovery plans.  When a document is transmitted to our office via fax or courier, it exists at two locations.  The copy of your document and data is safe and secure at a location other than your offices. Unlike other service providers, Com Center prides itself by entering into an ongoing personal relationship with its clients.

Company Profile

Com Center was established October 1, 1979 to prepare and transmit international telex messages for Eastman Kodak.  The skilled personnel at Com Center continued providing this service for them for many years.  As other companies discovered the cost savings, they too turned to Com Center.

A few of the major clients who have used Com Center services are: Inland Steel, University of Chicago, Shell Oil, INCO United States, General Electric, J. I. Case, Clorox, Johnson's Wax, McDonalds, Bausch & Lomb, Guy Carpenter & Co., University of Rochester.  The complete client list is lengthy.

The company name, Com Center, is a contraction of the words COMmunications CENTER.  When a message needs to be sent at many business establishments, the message is handed to their in-house com center.  Thus, the generic company name was chosen.

But, you may say, since the inception of email, we have done away with our in-house com center.  That may be true.  Now, instead of having someone on the clerical staff prepare your messages, highly paid executives are spending their valuable time at a keyboard doing the very same work.  Those executives can be spared the clerical work by dropping their handwritten notes in a fax machine.  Let the Com Center professionals prepare and transmit the work.  A copy of the work is returned to the originator for his/her files.

Be assured that all work at Com Center is absolutely secure and confidential.  Your message could be a juicy tidbit for someone in your office to see.  To a Com Center staffer, your messages are simply words on a page.  Paper copies of all traffic are stored in locked files, then shredded.  All personnel at Com Center sign a non disclosure statement.

Com Center is also your  wu logo  money transfer office.

SPECIAL MAIL LIST SERVICE -- A specialty is preparing mailing lists.  Furnish any media from ticket stubs to computer lists.  We will prepare your address data base.  Address labels can be created and attached to your mail piece, envelope or brochure.  Call today about this terrific service.

SCANNING SERVICE -- Document scanning is another specialty at Com Center.

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Services    Overview

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